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Umbria weekly crypto digest featuring news stories from Polygon, Fantom, BNB, AVAX, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and more…

Ethereum Merge and how to claim your free $ETHW and $ETF

So, The Merge happened without a hitch on September 15th and dare we say it, it all felt a little underwhelming after the hype. ETH dropped nearly 10% on the day and saw subsequent falls in the following days.

The Merge spawned two proof of work forks: the more publicised ETHW Mainnet ($ETHW) and the lesser known EthereumFair ($ETF).

Here are the details you need for adding ETHW mainnet to your MetaMask wallet in order to claim the airdrop (if you were holding ETH before the fork).

Network Name: ETHW-mainnet


Chain ID: 10001

Currency Symbol: ETHW

Block Explorer URL(Optional):

Here are the details you need for adding EthereumFair to your MetaMask wallet in order to claim the airdrop.

Network Name : EthereumFair


Chain ID: 513100

Currency Symbol: ETF

ETF Explorer (optional):

Bitcoin continues fall

Bitcoin nudged under $19,000 as the crypto selloff continued. With the Fed poised to announce a rate increase this week, it’s likely we’ll see a lot more volatility in the next few days and beyond.

Veteran crypto commentator Clem Chambers believes there’s a high chance we’ll see BTC at $15k before the year’s out. He claims that we’re at the end of the latest small cycle and Bitcoin will shortly begin its last wave down.

More here 👇🏻

Biden is cracking down on crypto

The Biden administration has told US government agencies to ‘double down’ on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enforcement. The White House has published a ‘Comprehensive Framework’ for regulating the still nascent crypto industry with the emphasis on tackling scams and volatility. Read more below 👇🏻

Polygon news

Ankr and Polygon have partnered in order to drive Web3 adoption. The crypto infrastructure platform will help bring best of breed Web3 developer tools for builders on Polygon in a move which will help enhance growth of the whole ecosystem.

“Polygon couldn’t be more excited to partner with ANKR for providing world-class tooling for building dedicated blockchains. With Polygon Supernets, enterprises, gaming and entertainment projects can rapidly power up their dedicated app-specific chains that are fine tuned for best-in-class EVM performance. Polygon is bringing together the world’s leading Web3 providers (like ANKR) into a comprehensive ecosystem that will empower any team to build their own blockchain. Supernets will help bring the next billion users to Web3.”

- Parth Pathak, General Manager of Polygon Supernets

Matic price prediction

Elsewhere, crypto-experts at Changelly Team have had the long range crystal balls out and are predicting that Polygon’s MATIC will be trading between $22.74 and $27.07 in 2030 with an average price of $23.36.

Read more here:

What’s happening with BNB?

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

🇺🇦 Binance has teamed up with a Ukrainian Supermarket chain VARUS to enable crypto payments. It will facilitate customer purchases of groceries with digital assets via its Binance Pay Wallet.

Back in April of this year, Binance launched the Binance Refugee Card for Ukrainians who were forced to move to European Economic Area countries.

More here.

What’s new Avalanche?

In the last week, Avalanche’s on-chain index has shown positive signals as trading volume and gas used continually made new highs. Increased gas usage reflects the presence of more users on the platform and is therefore a bullish indicator.

Here are the stats:

  • Weekly total transactions: 14,964,419
  • Weekly Max TPS Observed: 296
  • Weekly Gas Used: 3,341,394,803,116
  • Highest Daily Gas Usage: 515,685,138,477
  • Highest Daily Transaction Count: 2,390,383

Optimism Quests

The launch of the “Optimism Quests” campaign is imminent. The ‘learn to earn’ initiative is billed as a simple, educational and rewarding exploration of the Optimism app ecosystem.

By completing a short quiz and task, participants/users will be able to mint a commemorative NFT that represents the completion of the respective quest.

Find out more here.

What’s happening with Fantom?

Voting remains open for Fantom’s governance proposal to lower validator/staking rewards. If passed, this would adjust staking rewards to closely reflect market-rate and increase emission duration. Current progress sits at 44% with 67% total participation required. Full details can be found here:

🗳 Vote here:

Arbitrum News

Arbswap — the number one AMM and DEX powered by Arbitrum — has introduced its Nova Accelerator to the market. The initiative aims to support the growth of Arbitrum Nova’s ecosystem through investments and advisory services for projects building their products on Arbitrum Nova.

In other news, the first ever Arbitrum Hackathon is taking place 15th — 16th of October in Bogota, Colombia. More details here:

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