Umbria’s Crypto News Digest — October 19th-25th

Reddit Collectible Avatar Holders Surge into Millions as Trading Volumes Skyrocket

Reddit Collectible Avatars have seen huge success
Data and infographic credit: @p_petertherock

Ethereum Rallies 20% in Five Days

Ethereum has seen a 20% rise since October 21st

CEXes Still Rule the Roost

Graphic and data credit: CryptoCompare

Ava Labs Launches Core Web to Improve Web3 Experience

Improving the Web3 experience

Polygon Deal with LatAM Fintech Giant Nubank

Nubank is launching its own chain and token using Polygon Supernets

Binance NFT Marketplace Celebrates Halloween with “Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt”

10,000 BUSD is up for grabs

DEX Integral SIZE Launches on Arbitrum

Integral SIZE launches on Arbitrum

Fantom Hits New Milestone

It’s been a good week for $FTM

Optimism in Bogatá — Announcements and News



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