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6 min readMay 3, 2023

In early 2021, Taco Tribe (TT) set out to deliver the tasty values of cuteness, creativity and knowledge to a global audience. TT was an early Polygon NFT project and an original advocate of Umbria’s Narni bridge, recommending it to its community for minting its $MATIC NFTs. We loved the endorsement, the concept and the enthusiasm of the TT community. This led to them becoming one of Umbria Network’s very first partners (we’ve recently strengthened that partnership, but more about that later on).

🌮 Here’s the full lowdown on this very tasty NFT project…

The Foundations of Taco Tribe

A pioneer in both content creation and Web3 emerging technologies, Ryan Holmes entered the space early on in order to gather knowledge and share experiences; recording every step that he was taking as the creator/owner of the project as well as his personal journey.

With a strong identity, goals and objectives, Taco Tribe quickly drew in a significant number of enthusiasts including artists, creators, developers and collectors who became the first holders. Utilising the creative potential of Web3 technology, Taco Tribe built a community of like-minded people, who were looking to explore blockchain and NFTs and form meaningful relationships for long term benefit. It became a trusted safe haven for newcomers to the space as well as offering security and stability thanks to the professional people behind it.

Paving the way for the Taco Tribe collection was the cheeky little taco face named Paco — an easily identifiable and widely recognizable trademark of Taco Tribe inspired by Ryan Holmes. It was a strategic decision to develop a trademark that had minimalistic vibes yet still communicated the positive message Ryan wanted to spread in the NFT space. To make this concept come alive, expert artists were brought on board to put together this vibrant collection under the eyes of its founder.

Taco Tribe: so much more than a PFP

The collection is charity oriented, donating 20 percent of all initial mints to the Alzheimer’s Awareness charity. To date, it has donated Ethereum equivalent to over $4,000 USD.

To make the Taco Tribe collection diverse, dynamic and immensely enjoyable to collect, a selection of over 700 hand-drawn traits are contained. From hats and facial assets to items, shirts, shoes, hand assets and even wrist wear with varying colours and rarities — there’s something for everyone. To further spice things up and keep the collection fresh and exciting, new traits are added every 2,000 tacos minted.

After reaching their initial targets of successfully launching, building network and creating basic tools for the community, it was time for the project to progress. Still focussing on developing a platform made by the community for the community, the founder looked inwardly at constructing a team to take Taco Tribe securely into new levels of adoption.

Now they not only boast a stable workforce of five, but also have an expanding group of Ambassadors that are helping to spread awareness of Web3 technology and the Tribe’s values. Both the Taco Team and the Ambassadors were handpicked by the founder himself. They come from different cultural backgrounds with different capabilities, characteristics and strengths. This has created a group of international people who understand the NFT space on local and global levels and possess a variety of skill sets to work on different needs and elements of the brand.

Through a combination of promotion, sharing and disseminating the latest news and innovations of the project to those affiliated with Taco Tribe, the project has been able to forge partnerships while providing cutting-edge services. Taco Tribe’s partnership with Umbria Network helped promote the technology and spread awareness to the community, who in turn benefited from Umbria’s innovative bridging service.

Expanding Taco Tribe utility is always the end goal

Since its launch, there have been a range of added features to bring utility and benefits to the community and more are planned. This includes staking, a native token, monthly airdrops and free collections.

There are also unique mini collections minted with the native token, raffles, plus a sister collection and creator/engagement groups. Holders can get exclusive access to the Taco Tribe merch store where they can buy quality products using fiat or crypto including $GUAC earned from staking. To further expand the brand, Taco Tribe has moved into Web2 offering books and an original card game.

With a wide variety of holders in its community and its focus on creating a network and relationships between artists, Web3 developers and collectors, Taco Tribe has taken another step forward with the launch of the Taco Vault. This NFT treasury serves as a repository for NFTs obtained from the space by means of purchases or donations from the team, community members and affiliated initiatives. Controlled collectively by the team and the community, it provides further opportunities to grow, engage with others and invest in the Tribe’s future.

Facts and figures and what’s happening now

The Taco Tribe NFT collection has seen some major victories and a lot of improvements since October 2021. The project has minted over 3,500 tacos to date, has reached over 1,000 secondary sales and 8 Ethereum in trading volume, boasts close to 1,000 holders in the community, and has seen significant social media growth.

A highlight of 2023 was the invitation from NFT.NYC to exhibit the collection. The founder and a large number of holders enjoyed the exhibitions, spread the Taco Tribe brand further into the larger NFT community and returned with experience and new connections!

Taco Tribe has also expanded its partnership with Umbria Network by integrating its bridge widget into its site. The project now has a dedicated bridging page so its community can transfer their assets to Polygon without leaving the Taco Tribe ecosystem. Taco Tribe also has a new revenue stream as it earns referral fees via its bridge widget.

Umbria’s bridge widget has been integrated into Taco Tribe’s platform

What next?

There are many future goals for the project, which will be set forward by the leadership team and ultimately decided on by the community. Taco Tribe’s upcoming utilities include concluding the token’s tokenomics, finalising its own secondary market where the token can be used and creating an economy within the ecosystem to ensure a stable transition for $GUAC to a liquidity-backed token. It has already been demonstrated that the token has the ability to perform well in trials.

🌮 If you are looking for a project where branding is synonymous to community building, join Taco Tribe at &

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