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FREEZERVERSE is an NFT ecosystem on Polygon, which was created in early 2021 by Itsai with the main mission of creating fun and friendly characters with a charitable aim (donating to a NGO that helps starving children).

Its NFT collections are designed to be delicious and accessible, and FREEZERVERSE provides clear instructions and resources for newcomers so they can fully understand the world of NFTs and participate in the growing Polygon ecosystem. Each collection has its own utilities and benefits but they all share the main core ideas of sharing the earnings into the community wallet, the donations wallet and to add liquidity to its token: ICE.

🍦Here’s the full lowdown on FREEZERVERSE


Itsai — a multimedia designer with five years of experience — was interested in creating new, cool collections for the ecosystem and democratising NFTs for the non-crypto world.

The Collections

PALETO — 3D Paleto was the first collection created by the FREEZERVERSE in 2021; it had no smart contract, so they launched the new 3D Paleto mint with a brand new style and 444 NFT popsicles made for every flavour lover.

Learning from the early experiences, they created their first generative collection RANAS CHIDA — 1234 NFTs frogs hand drawn by Itsai’s 11 year old niece and younger sister. Ranas chidas is inspired by the variety and beauty of frogs, gradients bodies are the most poisonous ones.

HELADO — Derivate Collection from 3D Paleto, Helado is a collection of 4444 Ice creams randomly generated with more than 200 traits 3D rendered.

PIZZA BUDDIES — Free mint generative collection of 2222 cool pizzas made with a variety of the best quality ingredients catering for all tastes.

Benefits of holding a Freezerverse NFT


FREEZERVERSE donates a percentage of all initial mints to various charities dedicated to children.

As you’ll discover, their NFTs are loveable characters based upon the ideology of bringing back childhood memories and vibes whilst supporting children from the proceeds obtained from their mints.

They have so far been able to donate 500 MATIC to charities including Save The Children in Mexico and The School For The Blind in Nigeria. They’re always on the lookout for other worthy charities across the globe to help make the world a better place.

ICE Token

The project’s native token is called ICE and its ideally made for the FREEZERVERSE and for all community members (both non-holders and holders). You can access the token either through holding their NFTs or by engaging with the project by playing games, raids or other random activities.


The team created a marketplace with and for their community on its website to buy NFTs from other projects using its token.

Find out more here:


These were created as a playful and interactive way for $ICE holders to try their luck and — at a fraction of the cost — win NFTs.

Community games

Freezerverse often holds cross community games and also created its own server game bots to be used across other communities. As a community member you get access to the fun first hand.


Special 1:1 pieces were created and sold at an auction using ICE token.

Trait Upgrade

This is where you buy an additional trait for your NFT using the $ICE token.


Through a combination of promotion, sharing and disseminating the latest news and innovations of the project to those affiliated, FREEZERVERSE has been able to forge partnerships and create a lasting experience for the community.

The FREEZERVERSE partnership with Umbria Network helped promote the technology and spread awareness to the community, who in turn benefited from Umbria’s innovative bridging service.

Where FREEZERVERSE is currently at

Expanding FREEZERVERSE utility is a key priority and since its launch, the project has added features, which bring additional benefits to the community.

The FREEZERVERSE ecosystem has seen some major victories and a lot of improvements since its commencement.

🍕🐸🍦 The project has minted out 2,222 pizzas, 420 Ranas, and currently minting over 1000 Helados and 200 Paletos. It has also seen significant social media growth.

A highlight of 2023 was the rebranding of Paleto, making it an entry point into not just the existing FREEZERVERSE community but also those across Polygon as they designated more than 2000 MATIC in funds for hidden prizes inside 85% of the Paletos. Each NFT has something in its stick, such as NFTs from top Polygon collections, $MATIC or their native token $ICE. They have awarded NFTs from Pluto Misfits, Brozo, Rekt Gang and their partners NFTs.

With this incentive they created a never before seen experience that rewards minters immediately after pushing the button. This helped them further their purpose of creating positive community vibes, giving back not just in real life but on Web 3.

Another huge milestone this year was their partnership with ohhnft, this allowed them to stake all of their NFT collections on their platform, where community members can earn ICE and spend it on biweekly raffles on their platform.

At the start of Q4 of 2023 they also opened their first merch store with t-shirts of their fun and delicious characters.


FREEZERVERSE has also expanded its partnership with Umbria Network by integrating its bridge widget into its site. The project now has a dedicated bridging page so its community can transfer their assets to Polygon without leaving the ecosystem.


The future

There are many more targets for the project. Going forward, ideas and proposals will be set forward by the leadership team and ultimately decided on by the community.

🍦 If you are looking for a project where branding is synonymous to community fun and building, join FREEZERVERSE at:





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