Umbria Network’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ Meme Competition Winners 🎉

The Bridging the Gap meme contest, which was launched to spread awareness of our game-changing cross-chain Narni bridge, has come to an end and we’re delighted to share the winning entries with you 🎉.

From our shortlist, The Schiller chose his favourites based on the memes’ engagement on social posts, how well they conveyed the competition theme and their overall awesomeness.

Our Winners


In FIRST place is @Risk22_

In second place is @nitinverma9401

…and in third place is @yandiii3

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners! 🥳

NFTs on OpenSea and $UMBR

Each of the memes has been turned into an NFT on Polygon and has been listed on the OpenSea market. Our first-placed winner will get royalties of 10% for each sale.

You can view the Umbria Meme Competition Winners 2021 Collection here:

Winners will also be receiving $UMBR tokens as follows:

🥇300 UMBR

🥈200 UMBR

🥉 100 UMBR

We will DM all three winners shortly on Twitter so that they can receive their $UMBR reward and have their NFT transferred to them.

Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels — Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn — for all the latest news and developments.

Umbria is a decentralised protocol (Defi) which enables the creation of tokenised money markets. These money markets will enable users to accrue interest.