Umbria Network Zed Run Twitter Competitions

Competition #1 #RunningWithUmbria — Win a Zed Run foal

Aimed at: newer players with a small stable who are trying to get more of a foothold in the game.

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like our #RunningWithUmbria announcement post (this will be pinned)
  • Retweet the post
  • Tag in TWO friends in comments and include the hashtag #RunningWithUmbria

Competition #2 —#WinningWithUmbria Name the foal competition to win 0.03 WETH

Aimed at: players that are already well-established in the game and breeding horses.

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Provide a name suggestion for a new foal that’s “Inspired by Umbria Network.” You must be able to explain how it relates to Umbria if the name isn’t obvious.
  • Win any Zed Run race with the new foal within the timeframe of the competition
  • Post the winning photo on Twitter, tagging Umbria Network and one friend, and including the hashtags #WinningWithUmbria #WETH

Winners Announcement

The winners of both competitions will be announced on social media on Friday, 19th November as soon as the second competition ends.



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Umbria Network

Umbria Network

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