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5 min readFeb 6, 2023


Partnering with Umbria Network offers a host of benefits

Umbria’s partnership endeavour was launched to establish new partnerships with a range of exciting projects on different chains. The scheme helps partners to facilitate the cheap and fast migration of assets cross-chain for their users and to onboard new communities to their platforms. Umbria also provides partner projects with marketing and customer support.

We launched the partnership endeavour in 2022 with The Red Village, the leading Dark-Fantasy franchise in the metaverse. We’ve subsequently added a wealth of partners across the spectrum ranging from DEXes, DeFi protocols and P2E games to art and music NFT projects and crypto resource and aggregator platforms.

Most recent partnerships

Some of our recent partners

Here we’d like to give a shout out to some of our more recent partners. We’ll be showcasing some of our longer standing partners soon.

Swaggy Lions

5,555 SWAGGY LIONS — on the Polygon network — are redefining blockchain rewards and ownership while building a self-sustaining ecosystem.

One of the main utilities on the SWAGGYLions Club website is their Umbria bridge widget integration. Bridging via their site now means their Community Wallet earns .10% of all transaction fees.

Go check them out 👉

Shells Squad

Shells Squad is behind the Racing Snails P2E game on the Fantom network — “The slowest creatures on the fastest blockchain.”

Not only will you be able to race snails in PvE mode and bet against others in PvP mode to get NFT rewards, you can also earn Fantom ($FTM) within the game.

🎮 Play/mint now at:

Mad Gum

Mad Gum’s OG Custies genesis collection comprises of 6000 customisable NFTs on the Polygon network. Mad Gum is adding value for holders (and the Web3 space) is a variety of ways including educational content.

Their Mad Gum Gallery will see collabs with artists to create exhibitions to showcase their NFTs. The Mad Gum Studio will help Web3 projects with content production and marketing.

Check them out here:

The Rocky Horror Show NFTs

The immortal characters from The Rocky Horror Show are being transit-beamed onto the blockchain to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

Online Blockchain plc (who is behind the project) is creating and marketing a range of collectible character-based NFTs from The Rocky Horror Show. Stage production stars from the show’s amazing five decade history can get ahead of the crowds to claim a free NFT of their character before they go on sale to the general public on June 19th.

In both the virtual and physical world, a Rocky Horror Show NFT is planned to act as a key to unlock access to experiences, opportunities and merch for holders as part of the planned The Rocky Horror Show metaverse.

More details can be found here.

Crypto Bulls

The BULLSClub NFT Ecosystem is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that aims to standardize the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens. The BULLSClub marketplace and all its components such as the Vault and its third party DEX is an ecosystem that is built around its main NFTs collections and themes.

Check out the project and its key collections, which are inspired by the rivalry between BEARS and BULLS.

Go to:

Violet Gallery

The Violet Gallery is a collaborative NFT collection featuring the best artists on Polygon.

Selected artists create a single unique artwork for the Violet Gallery. The price, description and unlockable content are also made by the artist, who receives all proceeds from the initial sale (with the Gallery curator receiving royalties).

New NFTs are released every Tuesday.

Check out their Twitter for the latest additions:

Partnering with Umbria offers many benefits

Firstly, projects can provide their communities with access to the cheapest and fastest bridging solution either by linking to the Narni bridge or integrating the bridge widget directly into their platform.

Secondly, projects benefit from our marketing support. In addition to including partner logos and links to two partnership sections on the site, we provide exposure to projects in the following ways:

✅ Announcements on our socials
✅ Inclusion in our marketing materials such as newsletters and press releases
✅ Introduction to our community on Discord
✅ Competitions and giveaways
✅ RTs of a project’s latest news

We also provide human customer support should any of our partners’ users get stuck during the bridging process.

Integrating the widget

The Narni integratable cross-chain bridge widget enables our partners to provide their users with Umbria’s superior bridging functionality directly from their own website/platform AND earn 0.1% of all bridging volume that comes through their widget.

A great revenue stream

  • Rewards are immediate and occur every time someone uses the widget to bridge assets between networks
  • Earnings are paid in the asset which is used to bridge. For example, if someone bridges USDC from Ethereum to Polygon, payment is in USDC on the Polygon network.

Find out more here.

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