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3 min readFeb 22, 2023


The Red Village (TRV) is the leading dark fantasy franchise in the metaverse. Think the feel of Diablo crossed with the dynamism of Fortnite, sprinkled with the nostalgia of RuneScape and the humour of The Witcher, and you are getting pretty close to understanding what the Village is all about.

Umbria Network partnered with The Red Village (which is on the Polygon blockchain) right at the start of 2022. TRV integrated an Umbria custom-branded bridge widget for in-game use, which resulted in improved player experience and also greatly reduced costs for players. This marked the premier test case for the bridge widget.

Let’s take a dive into TRV 2022/2023…

The Red Village bridging portal powered by Umbria Network

What’s been happening at The Red Village?

Despite market conditions, 2022 has been a fantastic year for The Red Village with the broader franchise going from strength to strength on the back of the highly successful ‘Tournaments’ mode.

The year saw a range of fantastic results, including two sold out NFT sales, the launch of the Tournaments game and partnership announcements with industry heavyweights such as The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Umbria Network, Undead Blocks and Quirkies Originals. In 2022, The Red Village was also spotlighted by some of the biggest names in the industry including Polygon and Rarible.

Co-founder of The Red Village, Matan Adato, noted that a focus of the game this year has been moving towards making onboarding users easier and reducing friction. An important part of that, he said, is; “the ongoing partnership and relationship with Umbria Network, which allows for players to easily enter the TRV ecosystem.”

Specifically within Tournaments, the development and implementation of a ‘gasless’ gameplay solution, the release of ‘1v1’ play modes and the extremely popular release of ‘Summoning’, known in other games as breeding, have been lauded within the community. Villagers - as players are often known - have grown in numbers significantly and gameplay volume has increased steadily, even during the turbulent bear market, which is affecting the game industry more broadly.

The Red Village game on Hype Video

What’s in the pipeline?

Upcoming product releases for Tournaments include a rental protocol to encourage free-to-play, ‘sit-n-go’ style gameplay, Seasons (with all their possibilities) and the implementation of a progression system: Runes. These will give players game items to strive for and will likely be interoperable across the franchise.

While Tournaments are designed to be fun-first and projected to continue growing in popularity over the coming years, the bigger picture for The Red Village is incredibly exciting too. Targeting the ‘traditional’ video game market, The Red Village has also partnered with Animoca Brands and their legendary subsidiary, the award-winning Blowfish Studios, to produce and publish a dark-fantasy action battle-royale known as Darklands.

Well into development, Darklands is a true AAA, immersive game, designed for the more than 2 billion casual gamers in the world who play for fun, while carefully and intelligently incorporating the idea of true digital asset ownership into the game design. The dark-fantasy niche is one of the biggest in modern gaming with successful titles garnering huge and committed followings; The Red Village aims to be the first to successfully bring the concept across into the metaverse.

Combining best-in-class gameplay, story and design with industry-leading technological developments that allow for decentralised distribution of bounty and true asset ownership for players, Darklands will capitalise on the brewing excitement surrounding The Red Village Franchise with a playable alpha currently expected to be released late in 2023.

🩸Blood is coming.

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