Umbria Extends Farming for Another 200,000 blocks

Happy Monday Farmers!

Owing to the success of the Umbria Farm and recent increase in our liquidity, we have decided to extend farming for 200,000 blocks… that’s another lovely 50,000 UMBR.

Approximately 1 UMBR token is minted per minute; a share of which is distributed to anyone who stakes their Uniswap ETH-UMBR LP tokens (liquidity pool tokens) in the Umbria Farm For more information on Umbria Farm including a video tutorial, read our previous blog:

Attractive APY and other benefits of Umbria Farm

Umbria Farm has boasted a consistently attractive APY since it went live on March 26th (273% at the time of writing).

In addition to rewards, the Umbria governance token allows UMBR holders to participate in protocol changes; community members can make governance proposals on the Umbria Discord channel. As the project matures there will be full on chain governance so token holders will be able to vote on how many UMBR per block are minted for farming.

“The Umbria Farm has had a great response from the community and this has influenced the decision to extend,” said Oscar Chambers, co-lead developer at Umbria Network. “Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest developments. The next farm will be on the Polygon (previously Matic Network) chain, which is an exciting next step.”

Head over to the Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to find out more about the project. Become part of the journey!



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