Umbria Aurora — September Digest

We seem to say how busy it is every month (and it’s true), but September has been off the dial.

Narni bridge - assets added

First things first, a number of assets have been added to the Narni Bridge and we think you’ll like. This month we’ve officially announced that USDC, Matic and Eth are available alongside USDT and UMBR.

APY on ETH and Matic

This month ETH liquidity providers to the bridge have been able to get up to 99.9% APY and those staking MATIC up to 122.8% APY (no impermanent loss) 🚀 🚀 🚀

Find out more here: Matic and Eth added USDC latest asset to be added


Those following our socials will have also seen that wBTC has been added (not officially announced yet). Find out more here.


Some of the team have actually been out and about this month at real life, face-to-face events. It’s been great to spread the Umbria word in person.

We exhibited at the Blockchain Expo at London’s Business Design Centre on September 6th–7th.

Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard were also flying the flag during the the virtual component of the event and talked specifically about the Liquidity Cross-Chain Narni Bridge.

Crypto AM

We attended the Crypto AM London Blockchain & DeFi Summit and Crypto AM Awards as Silver Partner. It was a great networking event and Umbria was shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to DeFi sector’ award alongside Aave, Bancor, Pillar, and SwissBorg.

Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc (Umbria’s administrator, co-ordinator and advisor), was part of a roundtable that got everyone talking…

“The rock and roll of this generation is crypto,” said Clem Chambers of Online Blockchain. “Crypto will change the world.”

Nice to see the Umbria branding everywhere!


We’ve been welcomed with open arms by the Zed Run community who have discovered just how fast and cheaply they can transfer their ETH to the Polygon (Matic) network — ETH ➡️ WETH using the Narni Bridge. Huge shoutout to Zed Runner Eric, who has been a massive support and help in introducing us to more of the Zed Run community. He also wrote this fabulous piece — Cracking The Zed Run Code Part 21 (Moving ETH to Polygon/ Matic) about his Narni bridging experiences.

Shout out also to JereckLG who did a great YouTube step-by-step guide.

Meme competition

The Bridging the Gap comp unleashed a lot of creative talent. Schiller, one of our Twitch favourites, had final say on the winners.

See the winning entries here:

Twitter Spaces and Twitch

Polygon Twitter Spaces

Polygon hosted us on their Twitter Spaces for an AMA. Great to have so many people listening.

Zed Gazette Twitter Spaces

We love the Zed Run community and it appears the feeling is mutual 😍Fantastic being hosted by Zed Gazette and engaging with all the Zed Runners who joined us. ICYMI catch it here:

Crypto Island

Umbria joined Crypto Island for some NFT chat. We talked about Crypto Island’s upcoming launch on the Polygon network and how the Umbria Narni bridge will be used to on-board the community.

Got a project on Polygon? Does your community need cheap and fast transfer of ETH to WETH? Get in touch on Twitter if you’d like to collaborate.


Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard joined @SEANvsALL on his Twitch live stream to talk Zed Run and the Narni Bridge.


And finally, we’ve launched our YouTube channel. Please come and show us some love and subscribe.

Until next time,

The Umbria team 🚀



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