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6 min readNov 29, 2022


📉Against the backdrop of crypto carnage, Umbria has had a buoyant month with lots happening. We’re sending our monthly update a little early so that we can flag our AMA with Arbitrum on December 1st (find out more at the end of the newsletter).

Transactions on Umbria Network’s Narni Bridge Rise by 1000%

Highest bridging volume between Ethereum and Polygon blockchains on Umbria’s Narni bridge

Since September 2021, the number of bridging transactions recorded on our Narni bridge has increased 1000%!

Online Blockchain plc, which acts as Umbria’s advisor, administrator and co-ordinator, published a press release giving the lowdown 👇🏻

💥 Our Ethereum/Polygon bridge has seen the highest number of transactions with over 200,000 completed between these two networks since February 2022

💥 Ethereum to Binance Chain bridging recently spiked with transactions increasing 10 times since September 2022

💥 Ethereum to Arbitrum bridging volume has tripled in the same period

We got plenty of media coverage 👇🏻

Fantom x Umbria AMA

An impressive 3.2k tuned in for our Twitter Spaces AMA with Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong.

We discussed everything from interoperability, scalability, NFTs, DeFi and GameFi to crypto regulation, P2P insurance, security, Web3 trends and zero-knowledge proof… and of course or respective projects.

You can listen to the full AMA on YouTube. Or else, here’s the TLDL roundup, which contains the YouTube chapters so you can skip to different parts.



Joining the CoinMarketCap Community

We got our listing on CoinMarketCap a long time ago, but now we’ve been successfully verified ✅ with the CoinMarketCap Community and are an early adopter of this new social feature.

⚡️Don’t forget to add $UMBR to your watchlist ⭐️ and ‘Follow’ Umbria Network (blue button now on our profile); come and engage and see the latest news & announcements

Come take a look 👇🏻


After a quieter period on the partnerships front, November has seen an uptick and we’ve welcomed a number of projects to the fold.

Shells Squad

We partnered with Shells Squad for its Racing Snails P2E game on Fantom network — “The slowest creatures on the fastest blockchain.”

Race with your Snail & collection Snail coins in PvE mode, bet against others in PvP mode and get NFT rewards.

Go check them out 👉

Mad Gum

Mad Gum’s OG Custies genesis collection comprises of 6000 customizable NFTs on Polygon. The Mad Gum Gallery will see collabs with artists to create exhibitions to showcase their NFTs. The Mad Gum Studio will help Web3 projects with content production and marketing.

Check them out here:


5,555 SWAGGY LIONS are redefining blockchain rewards and ownership while building a self-sustaining ecosystem. The Umbria bridge widget integration is heralded as a utility of their site 🎉

Go check them out 👉

Crypto Bulls

NFT Ecosystem BULLSClub has integrated our widget into its platform. BULLSClub’s main NFT collections are inspired by the rivalry between BEARS and BULLS.

The project aims to standardize the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens. Get your NFT and choose your side


Update: BetNFT

Our partner BetNFT has updated their Umbria bridge widget just in time for their Phase 2 mint. Check it out here:; it looks great!

Also, check out the next iteration of their dog racing track in the metaverse in the below trailer. Coming soon!

Punk’d Apes on Fantom

Three of the Umbria Binary Apes Fantom project rares

We feature in Binary Punks new first anniversary collection: Punk’d Apes/Binary Punk’d Apes.

The collab collection with vcc has rare backgrounds from 100 of the greatest artists on Fantom. Alongside these, there are Fantom project rares of which we’re one! The 100 artist original pieces will become a genesis IRL Fantom NFT Art Collection.

For each mint (50 FTM) you get 2 NFTs: a Punk’d Ape and a Binary Punk’d Ape, which is its binary version.

Here’s the mint site 👉

Here you can also mint Mutant Binary Punk’d Apes (a limited edition of 100 artist originals that come with physical acrylics) and you can access the Deconstructed Punk’d Apes Free Mint.

To do this you will need to DM @Binary_Punks with you wallet address. There are only 51 left out of 1000, you can mint 5 per wallet, but it’s a first come first served basis.

The accompanying acrylic

🚨We have two of the five pieces to give away to Umbrian NFT holders. Check out our Discord in the coming days for details.

Up for grabs — keep an eye on our Discord for details

After FTX: Defi can go mainstream if it overcomes its flaws

Dev Barnyard was quoted in CoinTelegraph’s piece on DeFi versus CeFi in light of the FTX collapse. In the piece, Prashant Jha discussed the loss of trust in centralised exchanges and explored what DeFi must do to go mainstream.

Myriad crypto pundits have been advocating for self-custody and the use of the decentralized platform for quite some time now. Barney Chambers, the co-founder of the Umbria Network, told Cointelegraph:

“The cryptocurrency space continues to be the wild, wild west of finance. Here are a few pointers to ensure funds are safe: Never connect your wallet to a website you don’t trust, hold your keys in a trusted place such as a hardware wallet, never trust anonymous strangers on the internet when asking for help, and always [do your own research]!”

Read the full piece here:

Arbitrum x Umbria AMA

Don’t forget to set a reminder for our AMA with Arbitrum…

Our Twitter Spaces AMA with Arbitrum is on December, 1st at 4pm UTC.

🗣We’ll be talking cheap, fast cross-chain bridging, ‘pool & earn’, Web3, partnerships, roadmap, $UMBR & more…

🗓 Set your reminder 👉…

Until next time…

The Umbria Team 🚀



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