Umbria Aurora — May Digest

The BIG, BIG news of the month was the Umbria Layer 2 DEX and UMBR-MATIC farm going live on Polygon (previously Matic Network) chain. Hello ultra fast and low-cost swaps, liquidity providing and farming transactions. We only announced the alpha version on May 11th so things have moved quickly!

ICYMI here’s the press release in full and here are some great ‘how tos’ to get you started if you haven’t already.

How To Add Liquidity To The Umbria Exchange

How To Move Umbria to Polygon (MATIC) Chain


The APY as of May 27th was 263.3% 🎉

The latest farm works in a similar way to Umbria’s existing UMBR-ETH farm, but fees to enter and exit are much lower. Farming will soon be extended to other unique and interesting liquidity pairs not featured on other DEXs. We have identified a few candidates and are planning to put out a poll/vote so our community can have its “say” in the next pairs we’ll launch soon. Watch out on our twitter and discord channel.

Go to the UMBR-MATIC farm.

Find out more: How To Earn Umbria on the Umbria Farm

The Umbria Airdrop

The second airdrop of 100,000 UMBR tokens went live on May 15th. The airdrop rewarded existing UMBR and UMBR LP holders and LP Farmers and was very well received. It’s been great to reward existing holders further and to introduce new participants.

Umbria listings swell

The community have been hard at work and have got us listed on more crypto sites this month; we want to thank Ryan Vande Velde @RayStinger8 for the following listings:

Coinranking -

CryptoCompare —

CoinPaprika —

* Get us a listing anywhere we aren’t already included, and we can reward you in Umbria (send proof to our Discord bounty channel). Here’s a list of sites:

CryptoAM DeFi and digital inclusion summit

Umbria Network was official partner of the Crypto AM DeFi & Digital Inclusion Summit on the 20th May. CUDOS, Cointelligence, Aave, Boson Protocol, Brave, CryptoCompare and Ziglu were just some of the names that took part.

Barney and Oscar did an amazing job of presenting at the summit. They were talking about removing the barriers to entry to DeFi and showcased the Umbria project to a new audience to perfection.


Umbria fan and crypto expert @jagwak001 spoke with lead-developers Barney and Oscar on @steven_schill about all things Umbria.

Entertaining and hugely informative (plus find out how a pump & dump was averted). Take a watch 👇🏻

Bounty Program

Don’t forget to come and check out the Umbria Bounty Program. There are plenty of ways to earn additional $UMBR:


May was also the month that The Schiller got nostalgic…

Development HQ

Development is underway for the Umbria Insta-bridge. This will help you get from Ethereum to MATIC more easily than on the MATIC bridge. Very soon, you’ll be able to move your ERC20 tokens in your MetaMask wallet from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Matic Mainnet. No more multiple clicking, pasting, delays and panics!

Online Blockchain plc

Online Blockchain, which acts as Umbria’s co-ordinator, adviser and administrator, announced last week that it is expanding its operations to Gibraltar, a well-known fintech hotspot and crypto hub. It’ll be a great environment for Umbria development; co-lead developers Barney and Oscar are now working in the new office in the sun — it’s alright for some.

Read more here:

Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels — Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn — for all the latest news and developments.

Until next time…

The Umbria Team



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