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5 min readApr 1, 2022

There’s been so much news once again this month what with development, exciting new partnerships, great community adoption and growth plus a number of special airdrops for Umbrian holders. However, we’ll start with our Fantom Bridge…

Cheapest Fantom Cross-chain Bridge

Our followers have been aware of its existence for some time, but March was when we unveiled the cheapest Ethereum ↔️ Fantom bridge on the market to the wider world 🎉

Narni Bridge: Fantom to Ethereum — cost: $6.66

Multichain Bridge: Fantom to Ethereum — cost: $66.74

Narni Bridge: Ethereum to Fantom — cost: $6.57

Multichain Bridge — Ethereum to Fantom — cost: $9.29

You can read more here 👇🏻

We’ve also created a simple how-to-guide for bridging Ethereum to Fantom using the Narni bridge.


We’ve partnered with more great projects on Polygon, AVAX and Fantom. You can read all about the latest ones we’ve officially announced via newswires and press outreach below.

Head5 — deadmau5 x Smearballs

For those into electronic music, deadmau5 won’t need any introduction. We partnered with head5, the Collectible NFT Series, which is a collab between deadmau5 and visual artist Smearballs. The collection resides on the Polygon network so Narni’s on hand to bring those bridging costs down and open up the ‘mau5verse’ to a wider audience.

Find out all about the project below 👇🏻

We’ve subsequently partnered with AvaDice, Ice Bear Society, Kool Kids of Fantom, Hedge Fund Hyenas, BunnyBats and CryptoCorn. Watch out for the official announcements.

Free NFT airdrop drops for Umbrian holders

On March 9th our ‘Juiced’ Umbrian NFT holders were airdropped a MicroBuddy NFT each from our partner.

Our partners BetNFT gave away whitelist spots to the first 10 Umbrian holders to respond to our flash competition on Discord.

Our partner Cyborg Wolves announced its extension collection — The Cyborg Werewolves (which are minting now) — and gave away NFTs to three Umbrian holders picked at random.

Watch Out For Mike presented Ape World Order (AWO) — Series 1. Five lucky Umbrian holders received 1 AWO NFT each 🎉

Read more here about the benefits of holding an Umbrian and how you can get your hands on one.

Poly Pulse

We were included in the Poly Pulse, DeFi Pulse’s dedicated Polygon newsletter, which is a one-stop shop for all things related to Polygon. They included us in the ‘Alpha Leaks’ section no less!

POLY PULSE 🟪 #11 👉

DeFi Clinic

Financial Fox host @stefixy and Umbria co-founder @OskiiDev were joined by Rob Greig and Josh Jones, co-founders of Cornucopias, to talk all things Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, Learn-To-Earn gaming and Metaverse.

Community content

We’ve had some more great tutorial and ‘how-to’ content from happy Umbria Narni users. Go check them out 🖕

DeFi Bridges

After lots of glowing reviews and endorsements from our wonderful community, blockchain bridges aggregator platform DeBridges added us.

Financial Fox

The Financial Fox returned to talk NFTs and crypto in music with Umbria co-founders @devbarnyard and @OskiiDev and legendary visual artist Smearballs aka Nick denBoer. They talked more about Umbria’s partnership with @head5' for the @deadmau5 and Smearballs collab.

If you missed the live steam, you’ll be able to see the interview soon on the Financial Fox YouTube channel.

Schiller’s Umbria catch up

Schiller gives the lowdown on Umbria’s Q1 activity including the addition of the Fantom Bridge.

He also explains how he’s staking $UMBR on the Ethereum Mainnet side of the Narni bridge to receive USDT, USDC, Matic and more tokens.

“Their token price is heavily correlated to that of Ethereum. Something to keep an eye on as you’re navigating this crazy world!”

Twitter Space

It was good to catch up and hear the latest from a number of our partner projects. There was some great discussion about developments in the NFT space, security (following the Ronin hack), the pursuit of blockchain agnosticism and earning fees from staking on the Narni bridge.

Let us know on our socials what you’d like our next Twitter Space to focus on.

👀 Keep your eyes open on our social media channels for details of our next bridge launch.

If anyone is interested in partnering, please fill out this form:

Here’s to a great April 🌸 🐰🍫.

The Umbria team 🚀



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