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6 min readJul 1, 2022


📉 Against a backdrop of a crypto crash (Dev Barnyard and Dev Oskii predicted $600 on Ethereum by the way), Umbria has continued marching forward. There’ll be some exciting news about Optimism coming soon, but for now, let’s talk about the month that was.

Polygon Accelerator Program

At the top of the month, we announced our acceptance into Polygon’s accelerator program — Polygon Village. As well as a great platform for networking opportunities, the initiative has also seen us receive marketing support. Find out more below👇🏻

Sweep to Umbria

Our new ‘Sweep’ function allows you to convert those little bits of crypto dust in your wallet into $UMBR to make them viable.

This means any small balances of USDC, USDT, ETH, WBTC, GHST and Matic you’ve got lying about dormant can be swept to $UMBR and then auto-staked into the UMBR pool (on the ETH side of the bridge) to enable even greater compounding 🧹

Partnership latest

In June, we partnered up with some great NFT games on Polygon and Avalanche. All three have/are integrating our widget.

Crypto Raiders

🚀 🎮 It was fantastic to subsequently see Crypto Raiders hitting CoinGecko’s top 10 NFT games of 2022.

Chicken Derby

Alter Ego Punks

ICYMI, here’s a reminder about the bridge widget and the referral program.

Media interviews

Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard talked to crypto analyst and journalist Gary McFarlane. They covered so much ground it turned into a three-part series of interviews!

Ethereum Price Will Drop to $600 Say These Two Founders, Then Boom

To kick things off, the pair shared their thoughts on The Merge, the ETH price plunge, Layer 2 and gas prices plus Umbria’s admission to the Polygon DAO’s accelerator program ‘in a vote of confidence in its novel approach to bridging.’

You can read in full here:

Crypto Wins When We Keep it Simple as Umbria Network Shows

In the second part they discuss — amongst other things — how Umbria is making bridging solution integration easy, DEXs, centralisation and regulation plus the rise of Binance Smart Chain.


Blockchain Interoperability — This Project Solves Problems the Smart Way

In the concluding part, there’s a deep dive into how Narni is solving interoperability issues; discussion focusses on how Narni’s bridging protocol differs from the mint/burn approach and the advantages it offers users.

🎂 Narni anniversary

On June 15th we got all misty eyed as we hit the one year anniversary of the Narni cross-chain bridge going into test mode.

How far we’ve come since then! Here’s just some of what we’ve done:

  • Launched the fastest, cheapest bridges for moving assets between Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum and BNB
  • Announced great partnerships and collaborations to benefit the whole DeFi and NFT community.
  • Launched our Connect Portal, a tool that enables anyone to automatically connect a MetaMask wallet to any Ethereum-style/EVM compatible chain almost instantly.
  • Launched our bridge widget V2. Projects can provide Narni’s superior bridging functionality to their users from within their own platform. Just copy the below iframe! 👇🏻

<iframe src=”" width=”960" height=”600" scrolling=”no”></iframe>

  • Launched our referrer program: widget integrators earn 0.1% of ALL bridging volume that passes through their widget

Polygon Alliance and Fuck Cancer charity event

Polygon Alliance and Fuck Cancer teamed up to host an NFT charity auction for cancer research. Umbria was proud to be a sponsor of the metaverse event via Spatial.

NYC NFT and ApeFest 2022

Dev Oskii was flying the flag for Umbria at NYC NFT. Forget Glastonbury and Coachella, this was the place to be. We bumped into a harras of Zed Runners; Zed Run was one of the first communities to utilise the Narni bridge en masse.

Key takeaway: NFTs are still alive and well in NYC!

… and here we are at ApeFest 2022.

Community content

Thanks to The Gothies for this great tutorial on bridging ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to WETH on Polygon Mainnet.

The Umbria community expands

We hit 4000 Twitter followers in June (a Juiced Umbrian will be dropped to our 5000th follower). We admit that our Twitter game isn’t the strongest so we’d love to hear any suggestions the community has for increasing our tribe. In the meantime, here are a few ways you can help Umbria grow 🚀

‣ Google Search ▶️Just Click

Twitter — Follow us, Tweet, comment, RT. Add #UMBRIANETWORK and/or $UMBR to your posts and comments to get us trending 

‣ Join us on Discord

‣ Join us on Telegram

CoinMarketCap — Hit The Star ⭐!

Coming up

Come and say hi… we’ll be virtually hosting a booth at The Disruptor Virtual Expo July 20th-22nd. At the event, delegates can hear from business experts, learn disruptor tactics, network, find out more about the latest trends in biz tech and discover how to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Free tickets available here: (thanks to B4Real for inviting us)!

We’re already looking forward to updating you next month. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our Discord and Twitter to get Umbria news first!

The Umbria Team 🌶



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