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6 min readAug 1, 2022


📣 July has seen us hit three major milestones and behind the scenes there’s been lots of development work, which will radically streamline the process for adding many more blockchains to the Narni bridge going forward.

First up, here’s the news on those milestones….

1. Umbria launches cheapest, fastest Optimism bridge

Nanrni is the cheapest, fastest Optimism bridge

🌉Our Optimism bridge, which facilitates the cheapest and fastest transfer of assets between Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism Mainnet, is live. Official announcement to follow, but you can use it now:

And here are the comparison stats 👇🏻

Optimism: $0.52 and takes 5 minutes

Umbria: $0.32 and takes 2.5 minutes

2. Welcomed to the Arbitrum family

Narni: the cheapest, fastest Arbitrum bridge, is now included on the Arbitrum One Portal

We’ve been added to the Arbitrum One Portal — the gateway into the Arbitrum ecosystem - which as you’ll appreciate is a very big deal :-) We were extra juiced when Arbitrum introduced us to their 273.3K followers.

Check out the full 🧵 below.

3. Welcomed to the Fantom family

Hot on the heels of Arbitrum, we got added to the Fantom ecosystem; you can see our listing on the Fantom Foundation website as below.

Narni: the cheapest, fastest Fantom bridge, is now included on the Fantom Foundation site

The news was picked up quickly in the media thanks to Fantom Re-Tweeting us. Although we’ve had a Fantom bridge for a number of months, this has really taken it centre stage!

Truts listing

We got listed on Truts - a learning and research platform for those involved in web3. Truts is a great resource for helping people to discover and evaluate relevant communities within the space. Anyone can vote up and recommend DAOs.

Check out our listing below and remember to add your reviews :-)


‘Sweep to UMBR’ gets the 👍🏻

Our Sweep to UMBR function went live last month. ICYMI, this feature allows you to convert those little bits of crypto dust in your wallet (ETH, USDT, USDC etc) into our native governance token $UMBR to make them viable.

We’ve been delighted at the reaction of the community who’ve seen the additional benefits of Sweeping. When UMBR goes up in price ‘Sweepers’ get a great deal on tokens; it’s certainly brought out the bargain hunters.


We officially announced our latest partnerships, which generated a lot of buzz and even spawned an impromptu NFT giveaway!

Those included in the release were: JamonSwap, Crypto Raiders, Chicken Derby, Truts, Koukama, The EgoVerse, XolarCollective and BattleCoins.

Read more about our partners in the below press release and find out how our bridge widget is being utilised by NFT projects and DeFi platforms to onboard more users and generate extra revenue.

FF Awards 2022 — Vote Umbria Network!

Vote for Umbria’s Narni bridge in the FF Awards 2022

We’ve entered the blockchain category of the FF Awards via a video pitch, which you can watch below.

Why not become an FF Awards judge? Anyone can be one, and once registered you’ll be able to view and vote on all of the entries in all categories (including ours 😜). Find out more here:

Infrastructure update

We’ve built some new infrastructure that makes the Narni bridges’s oracle system more modular. As a recap, the oracle system negates the unnecessary on-chain operations which can be handled off-chain (whilst maintaining the cryptographic security and transparency of the underlying cryptocurrency network) to dramatically speed up transactions. Users send their assets to the Narni bridge - into the oracle — and then the oracle sends their funds back to them on their chosen destination network from the liquidity pools on the other side of the bridge.

This update has generalised the underlying core systems of the oracle, which means we can easily abstract all of the code that every blockchain oracle needs to run. The result is we no longer need to re-implement a lot of the code required to build an oracle for each bridge, we can simply add new blockchains on top of this new infrastructure 🔥

A multi-chain asset bridge powered by a capital-efficient, liquidity-provision protocol

The user experience when bridging assets has often been problematic with high barriers to entry namely in terms of cost and technical difficulty.

The above article takes a look at how Umbria’s Narni bridge offers the solution and details how it radically improves on the traditional validator-driven, mint/burn, lock/unlock bridges, which are very expensive and slow for transferring funds between chains.

The Disruptor Virtual Expo

We had a virtual booth at The Disruptor Virtual Expo on July 20th-22nd. The event uncovered the latest trends on biz tech, revealed key disruptor tactics and played host to expert speakers and quality exhibitors.

Details for the next one can be found here:

Ethereum Merge

Dev Barnyard gave his take on what the transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) will mean for the Ethereum ecosystem and cryptocurrency at large.

The accumulation of Ethereum will centralize in the hands of validators who already hold the majority of the tokens. The Ethereum Foundation claims that the merge will not impact the price of Ethereum, but the Merge will cause a fundamental shift in the way that new tokens are distributed and this will have a dramatic effect on the price of both Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Read the full article 👇🏻

Latest YouTube video

Inspired by our entry for the FF Awards, Stefania Barbaglio interviewed lead devs/co-founders Barney and Oscar to get an overview of the whole Umbria project.

Watch to discover:

🔥How the Narni bridge actually works

🔥What the incentives are for liquidity providers

🔥How the bridge widget and referral program work

🔥What’s next for Umbria

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🏖 August will see some of the team on holiday, but rest assured you’ll always be able to contact customer support on our Discord.

Until next time…

The Umbria Team 🚀



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