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6 min readFeb 3, 2022


We’ve been full steam ahead with our roadmap and in January we added both Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche bridges.

Both offer transaction costs at around an 80–90% discount compared to the official bridges of BSC and Avalanche with average cost being $4-$9.

You can check them out here with these quick links:

The Bridge Widget

We partnered with The Red Village (TRV) — the first dark-fantasy Play-to-Earn multiplayer NFT game on the Polygon network — to create a seamless gaming experience for their players when converting their ETH to WETH. Our bridge widget enables them to do this faster, and approximately 90% cheaper than with other solutions.

We worked closely with TRV to help design a custom, rebranded bridge for its platform whereby players remain within the game’s ecosystem and can easily migrate their assets to the correct chain to enjoy a superior, frictionless user experience. A great premier test case for the widget 👇🏻

📣 We’re extending the functionality of our Bridge Widget to include a fiat on-ramp so people can use a credit card to buy crypto and get straight to their destination network rather than having to have assets in a separate wallet and switching between different interfaces.


Talking of partnerships, it’s been another busy month on that score. In addition to The Red Village, January saw us partner with a number of other NFT and Polygon projects. We also officially unveiled our ‘Partnership Endeavour’ in our road map.

All of the below projects endorse the Narni cross-chain liquidity bridge and actively promote to their communities to help them save money when bridging between Ethereum and Polygon.

Go check them out:

Crypto Goonz —

Crazy Bears NFT —

MonstyNFT —

The Matic Greys —

We’ve also partnered with Polygon Alliance, a platform for the Polygon community to come together to network, collaborate, learn and grow with the aim of making Polygon the number one destination for NFTs and DeFi.

They’re recommending us to projects, and will be integrating the Narni bridge widget soon.

We’d love to reach out to BSC projects. If you know of any that would benefit from our BSC bridge then please get them to fill out our Partnership Contact Request form:

On the whale radar!

GenX Analytics compiled a list of the most commonly found DeFi, GameFi and Crypto projects among the TOP 1000 Polygon wallets. Guess who makes the cut?

What’s more, we were included in Schiller’s list of 5 undervalued tokens. Read his Medium article 5 Tokens You’re Probably Sleeping On.


Take a look at the reviews for the Narni bridge (and glowing reports for our own AaronG#0001) on the largest bridge aggregator platform DeBridges 👇🏻

Schiller interviews

Umbria Network — Changing Defi — Schiller took a look back to when K/Sir introduced The Schillerverse to Umbria, $UMBR, staking, farming and liquidity pools. Our favourite host recapped on the three main Umbria protocols: Cross-chain asset bridge, Staking pool and DEX.

The Two Best Developers in Crypto a catch up with Dev Barnyard and Dev Oskii; talking NFTs, Polygon, Umbria’s latest developments and rising volumes, gas fees and a lot more.

You May Be Using This Network Without Knowing — Another Dev talk with Dev Barnyard and Devi Oskii aka the brain bros of the Umbria Network. “I’ve been slowly picking up more Umbria as they partner with projects and start bridging to various blockchains… Things are really starting to take off,” — Schiller.

Community content

A huge shoutout to Antiphon — Crypto Orator, Mattyverse and RonPaulDFS for the great demos on how to bridge ETH to the Polygon network cheaply and quickly. Check out their work below 👇🏻

DeFi Clinic

Financial Fox host @stefixy caught up with Umbria co-founders @devbarnyard and @OskiiDev alongside CEO of ADA Finance, Christof Waton to explore opportunities in DeFi and specifically DeFi on Cardano and Avalanche.

All time highs

January saw volumes on the Narni bridge keep breaking ATHs. The word is getting out!

City AM

We got a great write up in City AM, London’s business newspaper. It gave a full rundown of our roadmap, the lowdown on the Narni bridge’s functionality and explained how $UMBR holders can earn an exceptional passive income. Read all above.

NFTs on Polygon — Umbria and partners community chat

We had another great and well-attended Twitter Space with our latest announced partners. It’s amazing to see what high levels of support and respect everyone in the community has for each other. Keep an eye on our Twitter for details of our next one.

Mint Calendar Newsletter

Umbria is MintCalendar’s preferred bridge partner.

“NetworkUmbria’s Narni bridge can bridge from ETH Polygon, BSC and Avalanche. Right now, transferring 1 ETH to Polygon network would cost under $10 & take ~7 mins; absolutely wild.”…

Umbria x Aavegotchi proposal

The proposal reached a quorum on January 5th 🎉 (read more here).

To celebrate, we are giving away our 150 XP earnings to one Aavegotchi in the Gotchi community 👇🏻

And finally…

As always, keep an eye on our Discord and Twitter to get all the latest news first. Here’s to another great month.

The Umbria team 🚀



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