Umbria Aurora — February Digest

🇺🇦 It’s been yet another crazy, busy month. However, before giving the lowdown on what’s been happening here, we want to turn our attention to global events and express solidarity with the people of the Ukraine; our thoughts are with you.

Kudos to Mykhailo Federov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, who’s been promoting the country’s crypto crowdfunding efforts ($37 million and counting). 🇺🇦

Avalanche snowballs

In Avaxholic’s update highlights

Although we’d already announced to our community (you always get the latest news first!), February was the month that the world found out about our Avalanche bridge; the fastest and cheapest out there. The news came rolling in. You can learn how to bridge ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Avalanche Mainnet at the lowest cost using the Umbria Narni Bridge here and see a demo below.

Fantom soft launch

The Narni Fantom bridge went live on February 22nd. This is the fastest and quickest bridge between Ethereum and Fantom (FTM). The full PR announcement will be coming soon, but you can use it right here, right now!

In most recent testing, it cost just $4.50 and took less than 2 minutes to transfer ETH from Ethereum to FTM.


The Umbrians have landed!

The Umbrians are a set of 10,000 lovingly crafted and unique NFTs on the Polygon network. 1000 coveted ‘Juiced Umbrians’ have special functionality and benefits for holders. These include unlocking NFT airdrops from our latest partner projects and providing access to whitelist spots for new mints.

On 2nd Feb, $UMBR stakers were airdropped one of these super rare Juiced Umbrian NFTs as a thank you for being awesome liquidity providers.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Umbrians.


February was another busy month for partnerships and heralded our first collaborations with AVAX projects 🔺

Read more here about the exciting projects we officially announced this month via newswires and press outreach. Loving Troll Game’s integration of our bridge widget by the way.

As you’ll have seen if you follow our Twitter, we’ve subsequently partnered with Money Printer Community, Hamster Game, Cyborg Wolves, Space Game, Downbad and Avaxtars. There’ll be an official announcement soon. We’re also MintCalendar’s preferred bridge partner:

We’re huge fans of the Umbria Narni Bridge, and have been users for months now. This isn’t some “shitcoin” we recommend you buy, this is a simple bridge that we’ve used and find to be the most efficient in the space, and at the same time seemingly unknown. As ambitious projects drop new features on L2s, such as Wanderers dropping Planet Pass on the polygon network, Umbria network is a fast and cheap cross-chain bridging asset that you’ll need to use in order to move your ETH to a new network.

We know a lot of our readers are already familiar with the Umbria Narni Bridge, but wanted to make more people aware since our job still is “uncovering hidden gems”.

Want to partner?

If you’re a Polygon, AVAX, BSC or Fantom project and would like to partner with us in order to introduce your community to the fastest and cheapest bridging, please fill out this form:

MicroBuddies NFT airdrop

We’ve extended our partnership with MicroBuddies — a collectible NFT breeding game created by Good Gaming Inc. (OTCQB:GMER) — and are collaborating with them for an exclusive airdrop 🪂

Anyone holding one of our ‘Juiced’ Umbrian NFTs when we do a snapshot on Wednesday, 2nd March at 5pm UTC will qualify for a MicroBuddy, which will be dropped into their wallet on March 9th.

Read more here and don’t forget to get your Umbrian by March 2nd!

Umbrians on OpenSea

Twitter Space

We co-hosted a great (and well-attended) Twitter Space with Polygon Alliance. Our partners got the opportunity to talk about their projects and hear more about how Polygon Alliance supports projects by providing a platform for collaborating, networking and educating.

We’ll keep you posted about the next one; if you want to discuss co-hosting, please get in touch with Frankie at:

Community content

Big shout out to NarbTrading. Thanks for this great demo of our Polygon bridge.

Schiller Says: ”Save Money By Using This Crypto Asset Bridge”

Twitcher, Schiller did a quick hit video highlighting the virtues of the Narni Bridge and discussing how Umbria is at the forefront of interoperability innovations as this becomes more critical in the blockchain space.

Includes details about already launched bridges for Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Fantom and for the upcoming Ronin, Solana and Cardano bridges.

This may be one of the most used bridges in blockchain history in a few years.

DeFi Clinic

Financial Fox host @stefixy and Umbria co-founders @devbarnyard and @OskiiDev are joined by Natalia Purple owner and artist of the Women’s Pride NFT Collection. Great project and great chat about Solana and NFTs.

Rewards for liquidity providers

Dev Oskii joined Schiller and got down to the nitty gritty of Layer 2, the pros and cons of different networks, the mechanics of the Narni bridge and how we incentivise our liquidity providers.

“If someone wants to move crypto from Ethereum to Polygon (for example), they give the asset to us on the Ethereum side and we give it back from our liquidity pool on Polygon. We incentivise our liquidity providers for lending the liquidity, which enables us to facilitate the bridging.”

If you provide liquidity to the platform you receive a 0.2% fee whenever someone bridges and uses that liquidity. The rewards are even greater for anyone staking our native Umbria token (UMBR). These liquidity providers receive a 0.3% fee whenever a person bridges ANY asset we support.

There’s no impermanent loss because you’re not staking two assets in the pool you’re just putting naked Ethereum in and you’re getting Ethereum out every single hour. Plus whenever you get rewarded it automatically gets re-staked into your balance. That means not only are you earning on your initial stake, you’re also earning on what you’re making every hour. So that’s compounding more and more and more…”

Twitter followers hit 3000

We’d like to thank our wonderful community once again for their ongoing support and championing of the Narni bridge. We salute you!

The community’s been asking… is an Arbitrum bridge on the cards…? As always, keep an eye on our Discord and Twitter to get all the latest news first.

Have a great month.

The Umbria team 🚀



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