Umbria Aurora — August digest

The Bridge of Augustus — aka the Narni bridge — it was only fitting that the HUGE news of our Narni Cross-Chain Liquidity Bridge going live came in this month 🎉

Umbria’s Cross-Chain Narni Bridge is Now Live

The bridge ( went live August 16th to facilitate the fast, cheap and easy transfer of $UMBR between the Ethereum Mainnet and Matic Mainnet.

As if getting the cheapest cross chain transactions from Ethereum to Polygon wasn’t enough, we announced how users can ‘Pool and Earn’ ie get APY by adding liquidity to the Narni bridge —

Here are the full details:

Cheap, Fast and Easy Bridging of USDT Now Available on Umbria Network

We quickly followed up the launch with news that USDT can be bridged using Narni. Again users can earn APY, in this case by lending their USDT to the bridge (as a single asset).

Stablecoins are expected to accrue higher fee generation on Narni because of their popularity and uses.

“With Narni, it’s a lot easier for people to use their crypto assets across different networks, and the addition of USDT is another milestone,” said Oscar Chambers, Co-lead developer of Umbria. “We’re going to be rapidly introducing other assets with an initial focus on stablecoins. We are already seeing the staking feature of the Narni Bridge attracting yield farmers to provide valuable liquidity to bridge the Matic and Ethereum communities and in return provide themselves with a lucrative return on their crypto.”

More details here:

Getting the word out about the Narni Bridge

Now we need to get the word out about our awesome Narni cross-chain liquidity bridge and we need our community’s help. We’ve launched our meme competition to do just that and we’d love you all to get involved.

Three winners get their meme turned into an NFT on Polygon and listed on the OpenSea marketplace PLUS:

🏆 1st prize: 300 UMBR

🏆 2nd prize: 200 UMBR

🏆 3rd prize: 100 UMBR

DeFi slate interview

Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard joined DeFi Slate to explain all about Narni and give a demo.

DeFi on multiple chains requires that proper railways are built between chains — we call these bridges. Umbria has curated a one-stop shop for L2 bridges and automated yield farms. Today, the team dives into the Narni bridge between ETH Mainnet and Polygon Network.

Blockchain Expo

We’ve confirmed our participation at Blockchain Expo at London’s Business Design Centre Sep 6–7, an actual real life, face-to-face event!

We’ll be exhibiting and speaking. Come and say hi at booth 88 👋

Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard will be speaking on 14th September at the virtual event on The Liquidity Cross-Chain Narni Bridge.

Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc (Umbria’s administrator, co-ordinator and advisor), will be speaking at the live event on September 7th as part of a panel discussion: 2021 — the most consequential year for crypto.

The Crypto AM London Blockchain & DeFi Summit and Crypto AM Awards 2021

Crypto AM and its founder James Bowater have been early supporters of Umbria and we are thrilled to be Silver Partner at the upcoming Crypto AM London Blockchain & DeFi Summit and Crypto AM Awards. We’re definitely looking forward to a bit of networking.


We are looking for an experienced, passionate and creative Social Media Manager to join our team. Interested? Get in touch via any of our social media channels to get a copy of the job spec: Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Until next time.

The Umbria Team

Umbria is a decentralised protocol (Defi) which enables the creation of tokenised money markets. These money markets will enable users to accrue interest.