Umbria Airdrop FAQs

The full details of how to qualify for the next Umbria Airdrop will be released officially to the general public on Monday 12th, April. However, we wanted to give the Umbria community a heads up and hopefully answer any questions you have first (please post any further Qs in the comments).

1. How do I participate in the Umbria Airdrop?

You need to be holding UMBR tokens or UMBR-ETH LP tokens on set dates — when a snapshot is taken — to be eligible to participate. Approximately a month later you will be able to claim the airdrop from by clicking on the ‘Claim Airdrop’ button.

2. When is the next snapshot?

The next snapshot will take place on April 15th (for an airdrop on May 15th).

The countdown has started

3. How do I get UMBR?

4. How do I get UMBR-ETH LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens?

Simply add ETH and UMBR to the liquidity pool on Uniswap here. You’ll receive LP tokens in return, which represent your liquidity share in the liquidity pool. They are like a receipt and enable you to withdraw these assets when you want.

NB These ETH-UMBR LP tokens can be staked in the Umbria Farm to make even more UMBR

5. How much is the next Umbria Airdrop (May 15th) worth?

100,000 UMBR

6. Is there a minimum amount of UMBR or UMBR-ETH LP I need to hold to participate?

Yes. You will need to have a balance greater or equal to 100 UMBR or 2 UMBR-ETH LP on the snapshot date.

7. Do UMBR and UMBR-ETH LP holders get the same amount in the airdrop?

No. Those holding 100 UMBR or more will receive a portion of 33.4% of the 100,000 UMBR airdrop allocation relative to the total amount of tokens held by the community.

Those who have provided liquidity to the UMBR-ETH LP pool in Uniswap (ie have the ETH-UMBR LP tokens) will receive a portion of 66.6% of the 100,000 UMBR airdrop relative to the total amount of LP tokens held by the community.

8. Do I need to hold the tokens in my MetaMask wallet?

Yes, unless your LP tokens are currently staked at .

9. How will the UMBR team know I am holding UMBR or UMBR-ETH LP?

We will look at the blockchain and take a snapshot of all holders on the given date.

10. What if my LP tokens are staked in the Umbria Farm?

Anyone adding their LP tokens to the Umbria Farm will be included in the Umbria airdrop snapshot and eligible to claim their free tokens.

11. What happens if I’m holding UMBR and ETH-UMBR liquidity tokens?

You will qualify for a proportion of two allocations (see question 7).

12. Will I have to pay the gas fee to claim the airdrop?


Please post any further questions below or head to our Umbria Discord channel or Telegram.