September ’22 Polygon Discord AMA Recap

Umbria Network
3 min readOct 17, 2022


A round up of Polygon’s September AMAs, which showcase key projects within the Polygon ecosystem including Umbria Network. Credit: Zaunzi.

The Polygon Network isn’t ceasing to grow despite the current market conditions. More & more users, builders, and dapps keep coming to the network! Polygon has so much to offer. Every month we host AMAs to highlight & showcase exciting projects within the Polygon ecosystem. Here is the recap of all the AMAs that took place throughout the month of September!


Biconomy is a next-gen multichain relayer protocol working to make Web3 frictionless & mainstream. We had an in-depth discussion with Rhic & Divya about their suite of products.


Umbria provides one of the fastest & most affordable bridges in all of web3. We got to speak with the co-founders, Barney & Oscar, to discuss bridges and how their solution is capital efficient, secure, and able to provide sustainable yields.


During this AMA we spoke with Ahmed Attia, the founder of Synquote. We discussed options trading, the benefits of putting them on chain, and went in-depth on the protocol itself.


Onmeta is a reliable on & off-ramp solution that is easy for developers to integrate. We spoke with Prateek about the platform, their philosophy, their roadmap, and what the future of web3 might look like.


During this AMA we got to speak with Grant Blaisdell, who shared his passion for space and dream to decentralize the industry. One of the ways he is accomplishing this is by launching Copernic Space, a decentralized marketplace for space assets.


During this AMA we spoke with the CEO & Co-Founder of Esprezzo, Remy Carpinito, to learn about how they make accessing web3 data streams & alerts simple to do. It was a very insightful & informative session.


For our AMA with 0VIX we were joined by their CTO, Hassam. Hassam graced us with high-level information about how the protocol works & plenty of alpha information; such as the details of $VIX token pre mining that is currently underway!

Fuji DAO

FujiDAO is a DeFi lending and borrowing aggregator. We were joined by the co-founders & over 300 people as we learned more about this natural next step of DeFi innovation. The co-founders showcased how the dApp works & shared what we can expect from them in future.

During our AMA with we spoke with the founder, Nico Vergauwen. Nico is aiming to make staking more accessible for DeFi users and improve capital efficiency. We had an in-depth discussion on staking, the benefits of liquid staking, and the Tenderize protocol.


OpenOcean is a leading DEX aggregator. During this AMA we were joined by Guy Polio who provided us with a demonstration of how to use the platform. We discussed all the benefits of using a DEX aggregator and all the competitive advantages of OpenOcean specifically. Overall, it was a great AMA!

Satin Exchange

Satin Exchange is an upcoming DEX on Polygon that will be offering competitive swap rates & introducing some new innovations. Tony joined us to share alpha about the unique features that will be enabled by $CASH and how they will benefit participants & partnered projects.


During this AMA we were joined by the CEO & Co-Founder of Streams, Kieran Daniels. We discussed how in order to drive mass adoption to web3 we would have to improve the user experience. It was exciting to learn about how they abstract away the complexity for users & make it easy to tap into various streams of passive income.

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