Rewards Halving on UMBR-ETH Farm

Move over to UMBR-MATIC Farm: high APY and cheaper to harvest $UMBR

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2 min readMay 26, 2021

The Umbria team announces today (May 26th) that the rewards on the UMBR-ETH Farm will halve from 12.00pm BST on Wednesday, 2nd June.

Now that the UMBR-MATIC farm is live on the Polygon ecosystem you can farm your UMBR here where it will be much, much cheaper to enter/exit the farm and harvest. Of course you’ll also be earning additional UMBR and MATIC for providing liquidity in the UMBR-MATIC pool.

The UMBR-MATIC farm currently has an APY of 268%. Tokens are minted per block which is every two seconds on Polygon: 0.03 UMBR per block. The team is hopeful that this will remain one of the highest APY farms on Polygon.

We’d encourage you all to move to the UMBR-MATIC farm to benefit from ultra low transaction costs and earn high APY.

Configure your MetaMask wallet and connect to the MATIC Mainnet in order to access the Umbria Layer 2 Farm and Exchange here:

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Earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings and enjoy a high APY return on your investments.

Any questions please head to the Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Become part of the journey!



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