NFTs a compelling use case for the Narni Bridge

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6 min readSep 15, 2021

Umbria’s Narni bridge was built to solve one of the biggest challenges of today’s multi-chain world.

Anyone using ETH understands what we mean- the price of GAS and the fees involved in most transactions are high. Lots of us have burnt so much in gas just trying to figure this out!

The result is a poor user experience and barrier to entry for many, which ultimately limits adoption for DeFi but also NFTs.

The NFT market is growing at an impressive pace, and this is where we see one of the most valuable integrations for Umbria’s Narni Bridge. In many NFT games, for example, users need to perform multiple transaction to exchange/swap coins to play. It can be expensive, especially if you have a low budget.

The Umbria team has the solution: The Narni Bridge.

You can now move your ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) network cheaply and quickly!


A great example of this, is anyone wanting to make a purchase on ZED Run.

A player saw the horse he wanted. It was about 0.19 Eth; he put in 0.2 ETH knowing that he needed money to race. Now being a newbie, he used his Metamask’s built-in deposit feature and that cost him gas. Seeing the ETH in Metamask, he thought he was now ready to make the purchase. No! Not yet! His ETH was no good in Zed Run. He needed to bridge.

OK if bridge it is, bridge will be done!

His next surprise… WTF? Did it cost in gas to bridge? What just happened? Oh well never mind, that’s ok. He put in more ETH for racing, so this would be just like taking ETH out of his racing funds.

He clicked the deposit button on the Zed Run side, and voila! ETH was now WETH.

He waited and waited and waited; went for coffee, came back and waited some more. He literally went out for a meal, did some shopping before going back to the labs to check the output. After what felt like an eternity, his funds were in the Zed Wallet. He didn’t know it was called Polygon/ Matic for that matter. He thought Eth was Eth!

So now he had WETH! Hurrah!

He embarked on an arduous search for the horse he wanted to buy, but it’d gone by the time he’d done the necessary. Back to the drawing board. He finally found another horse he wanted to buy. It cost ETH 0.2! He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that point in time. He repeated the process of loading ETH onto Metamask, bridging it into Zed, and hoping that horse didn’t sell in the meantime. He didn’t get that horse L

The Umbria Narni Bridge Comes to the Rescue

Umbria Narni Bridge

Enter Umbria’s Narni Bridge! Having lived through his early days of trying to bridge ETH into Polygon/ Matic, you can understand his pure joy and excitement when he saw this “claim” about Umbria’s Narni Bridge.

Less than 4 mins? and just $4 to bridge? Come on! This is just too good to be true! He thought …So he moves some ETH/ WETH around to see if it’s really as good as it claims to be!

Here are some screenshots to show how he bridged ETH/ WETH as a Step by Step of how this is done.

Step 1: Connecting the wallet

Wallet with a small balance

He used a wallet with a small balance. This is how a small stable’s wallet would typically look. We have a small balance that’s enough for some races, and we would top up when we run out.

Click Bridge Assets from the Main Page

Connect your wallet

Just click on Bridge Assets and connect your wallet. Now you can bridge ETH from the Ethereum Network to Polygon!

Step 1b: Connecting the wallet (Polygon to Ethereum)

What about going the other way round? If you want to take money out of Zed? You’ll be bridging from Polygon to Etherum. Let’s try that!

You’ll be prompted to switch to Polygon

Once you’ve switched the network on Metamask, you’ll be able to bridge WETH from Polygon back to ETH on the Ethereum Main!

Step 2: Let’s Bridge some Eth

Now let’s get back to bridging some ETH. I’m going to switch back to ETH Main.

Switching back to Main (just in case if you’ve wondered off like me)

He has $87 in his ETH balance. He’s going to bridge in small amounts to see if it works.

Wallet with a small balance

Bridging in a very tiny amount! (0.005)

“Let’s see if this works! I’m going to bridge in 0.005 which is like $16 (based on Eth price of $3200). If I get 0.00498487 ($15.95), does that mean it cost me just 5 cents to bridge? Let’s DO IT!”

Step 2.1: Confirming the transaction on Umbria

Confirming the transaction

This is the first thing you’ll see. As you can see that he is sending in 0.005 which is around USD16, and after the network fees, he’ll end up with around $15.95.

DO NOTE: This is the fee that goes to paying for the use of the bridge and not the gas fee. We’ll come to that later!

Step 2.2: Confirming the transaction on Metamask

Confirming the transaction on Metamask

Next, he’ll need to review the transaction on Metamask and confirm the transaction.

Step 2.3: Wait for the MAGIC to happen

Sending the assets

Now, it’s just waiting for the assets to be sent. He had to screenshot this quickly. As he was doing this, the screen jumped to the next one almost immediately.

The Transaction is done.

“This was a pleasant surprise! The transaction was done within a minute or two. This was drastically faster than my first experience with depositing via Zed Run’s original bridge. Five STARS for this!!”

Step 2.4: Checking my balance

Checking my balance! Voila, the WETH is in!

Click here to view the transaction

“It’s all in there! Although it may look like I’ve spent $5.77 to move $16.44 into Zed, this is just to show how fast and cheap we can move ETH into Zed. Of course, you’ll be moving a bigger sum, and this is COST PER TRANSACTION and not a % COST OF TRANSACTION, so you can be moving more ETH with the same $5!”

This is why he is so excited about Umbria Network’s Narni Bridge!

In conclusion

He will be using the Narni Bridge going forward to move ETH to Polygon/Matic for Zed Run. “There is a lot more that Umbria is doing with other assets, and I’m super excited to be able to now move my assets around efficiently!”

See the original article in full here:

See also this great walk through video by EverGreen — HOW TO BRIDGE ETH TO MATIC (wETH) FOR UNDER 10$ | ZED RUN (UMBRIA NETWORK)



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