NFT and DeFi Summer — Latest Web3 collaborations and community & partner news

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5 min readAug 7, 2023


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Bridge widget integrations and partnerships, community endorsements and partner mints…

Latest Partnerships

👋 Say hello to some of our latest partners in the DeFi and NFT space. Let us introduce you to…


The EgoVerse — on Avalanche — is an innovative and community-driven gaming company bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. It is the umbrella company that drives the entire ecosystem: Alter Ego Punks, Alter Ego Lycans, Alter Ego Hunters, Yobi, Species, and any future collection launched under its banner. Owning any digital collectible grants holders instant access to the utility the project offers.

Find out more here:


OctoPeeps is a utility-based, community-driven NFT project on Polygon.

It is home to a technology-savvy community in love with arts, games, and communications, that helps to preserve the environment and investigates blockchain and Web3 features. Each OctoPeeps NFT grants access to members-only benefits.

  • 3 NFT collections, 500+ traits
  • NFT Staking and Raffle Marketplace
  • Octo Kiddos coming Autumn 2023



“Blockchain Simplified” is the name of the game with Wifi-Bread, which - with the integration of our bridge widget - has became a one-stop-shop for everything DeFi, NFTs, stocks and crypto. They offer market prices, trading charts, DEX, swaps, rate converters, free crypto portfolio trackers and stock portfolio trackers, Zero Code Smart Contract Wizard and of course bridging!

Check them out:

Super Pixel Shonen

Super Pixel Shonen is a collection of 4444 pixel art PFPs based on shonen anime. Holders gain access to tools, information and guidance to help them create pixel art and NFTs.

Minting is currently live and is 14 Matic each. There are 6 1/1s hidden amongst the collection.

Check them out here:

Feather Frogs

FeatherFrogs is an upcoming play-to-earn trading card game being built on BSC and Polygon. The game is inspired by Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad card game and relies on the collection and fusion of limited count Feather Frog cards.

There are nine different Kingdoms and a galaxy with nine different planets, each led by nine different elements. The gameplay revolves around the rescue mission of the Kings and Queens of Featherlands to restore order in the realm.

Play in a high stakes story mode and then take your deck onward to conquer in PVP/ PVE or enter tournaments to access increasingly exclusive and rare cards.

Go check them out:

Social proof and endorsements

We got the seal of approval from Frank DeGods, general Web3 legend and founder of top NFT projects DeGods and y00ts. As you’ll recall, Frank aka Rohun Vora received a $3 million grant to move y00ts from Solana to Polygon. He needed to bridge ETH and so did the y00ts community. Guess where they came? 😀

Polygon were also singing our praises and dedicated a whole thread to the virtues of our Narni bridge. They even provided a detailed demo. Check out the full thread above ⏫.

Partner News

The Rocky Horror Show NFTs

The Rocky Horror Show NFTs has launched its genesis collection — Time Warp. The 50 piece collection of 1/1 NFTs feature the iconic blood drip font logo from the cult show’s title sequence each customised with unique traits.

Check out the collection here👇🏻

Holders of a Time Warp NFT will receive a free pack that contains nine additional non-fungible tokens based on the characters in the show: Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Riff Raff, Columbia, Janet, Brad, Rocky, Dr. Everett Scott and Eddie. These will be airdroped to holders on Polygon.

Taco Tribe

The Taco Tribe collection is about to hit 4K mints! At that mark a few things will happen: minting will be paused, new assets will be added to the collection and the mint price will raise 5 $MATIC.

The new evolving mini collection — GUAC vs SOUR CREAM — will soon be launched and holders will be able to fight head to head in battle to settle the debate once and for all to see which is the superior taco topping. The Tribe is currently in the midst of upgrading the collection. This includes art, dapps, website and more to improve the whole experience and reward its holders. The Taco Tribe has also acquired the IP for the Pearls collections and is working to build the project up from its current position.

A few new partnerships are also in the works at the Taco Tribe HQ… 👀

Find out more:

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