MATIC and ETH Added to Umbria Network’s Narni Cross-chain Bridge

Umbria Network
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Umbria’s ultra-low-cost liquidity bridge now supports ETH and MATIC in addition to USDT and UMBR. What’s more, liquidity providers are currently earning fees on their ETH.

Using Narni — — the native tokens for the Ethereum and Polygon networks can be transferred exceptionally quickly and cheaply cross-chain. ETH, which was launched first, can be bridged from the Ethereum to Polygon Network for as little as $2.56 in gas, which we’re sure you’ll agree is game changing.

The Zed Run use case

These great results have seen the Narni Bridge being adopted rapidly by many DeFi participants and has especially caught the attention of the Zed Run community, who had previously been hampered by prohibitively expensive gas fees.

Read about one Zed Runner’s experience here: Cracking The Zed Run Code Part 21 (Moving ETH to Polygon/Matic)

Pool and Earn

Another considerable advantage of the Narni Bridge is the fees it pays liquidity providers. Its ‘Pool and Earn’ function ( enables users to stake their MATIC and ETH (and other assets) to the bridge and earn fees when other participants bridge that specific token between networks. Plus there is no impermanent loss.

“There is now great momentum with the Narni bridge and a very good increase in Total Value Locked (TVL). Lots of people are bridging, which in turn attracts more liquidity providers who are enticed by the interest they can earn on the asset they supply. More chains and assets are coming online imminently.”

Let us know what you’d like to see next on the Narni Bridge.



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