Mapping on Polygon Completed

Another great milestone for the Umbria project.

Umbria has been added to Polygon/Matic Token Mapper.

This is an important event as the $UMBR token is now fully compatible with Polygon Layer 2 chain. This allows us to start developing our DEX’s features on their chain, as well as fulfil bounty programs, create farms etc in a faster and cheaper environment.

Barney Chambers, Co-founder and Co-lead developer at Umbria, comments: “The token mapping of Umbria on the Polygon PoS chain opens up a range of exciting opportunities for the Umbria protocol. We can now fully take advantage of the low transaction fees, fast block times and other innovations of Polygon.”

Watch this space!

If you want to find out more about Umbria, visit our website & head over to the Umbria Discord channel, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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