Integrating Umbria’s Narni Bridge Widget as a New Revenue Stream

What is the Narni Bridge Widget?

The Bridge Widget V2 is an integratable cross-chain bridge widget. It enables projects to seamlessly provide bridging functionality to their users from within their own website/platform via a simple iframe. The Bridge Widget V2 supports all bridges that are currently deployed by Umbria (at time of writing this includes Polygon, Avalanche (AVAX), Binance Smart Chain BNB, Arbitrum and Fantom).

The FIVE key advantages of integrating Umbria’s bridge widget into your platform

= A vastly improved user experience

Earn significant revenue by integrating the Bridge Widget

We’re going to focus on point 5 here, but if you’re new to the Narni cross-chain liquidity bridge and want to find out more about the superior UX it offers then go here: The Cheapest, Fastest Cross-chain Bridge

  • Rewards are immediate and occur every time someone uses the widget to bridge assets between networks
  • Earnings are paid in the asset which is used to bridge. For example, if someone bridges USDC from Ethereum to Polygon, payment is in USDC on the Polygon network.
  • The earnings are added to your staking balance in the pool page. This is so the bridge widget rewards earn even more fees over time by acting as liquidity in the system until you redeem them
  • To redeem your earnings, press the ‘Unstake’ button of the chosen asset, on the chosen network in the pool page

Integrating the bridge widget

The bridge widget is designed to be as easy as possible to integrate and simply requires the addition of an HTML <iframe> tag to your web page. It can be configured so that a pre-selected bridge and asset can be set when the user lands on the page.



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Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest, cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum ↔️Polygon/AVAX/BSC. Migrate assets almost instantly for the LOWEST fees