How to Bridge ETH from Ethereum to Polygon

Umbria Network
3 min readFeb 21, 2022


Cheap and fast bridging from Ethereum to Polygon using Umbria Network’s Narni Bridge

You can bridge your ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to the Polygon Network using the Umbria Narni bridge. This guide explains how to bridge your $ETH to the Polygon mainnet.

Step 1.

Go to the Umbria Bridge website.

Step 2.

If you are not using Metamask, you can skip this step.

Connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 3.

Input the amount of ETH you wish to send to the Polygon chain.

Step 4 (Using Metamask).

Press the [Send (Metamask)] button

Then press the [SEND] button on the popup modal to initiate the transaction.

You will now have to confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

Your funds are now bridging. When TWO purple checkmarks appear on the bridge send modal, your transaction is complete.

Step 4 (Using another wallet).

Once you have inputted the amount of ETH you wish to send to polygon, press the [Get Bridge Address] button. A modal will appear with the address to send the funds you wish to bridge.

⚠️ Make sure you send the same amount as you specified in the input.

Once you have sent funds to this address, you can track the polygon side of the bridge to see when the bridge has sent your funds. Either click the lower [Track] button — or go to this link

Your funds will automatically appear in your Metamask wallet. Be sure to track the asset in your Metamask wallet, or it may not be automatically visible.



Umbria Network

Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest, cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum ↔️Polygon/AVAX/BSC. Migrate assets almost instantly for the LOWEST fees