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A first look at Umbria’s Referrer Program

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3 min readMay 13, 2022

Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest and cheapest bridging solution for cross-chain transactions between the Ethereum and Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Integrating the Narni bridge widget

Our bridge widget v2 can be simply integrated into a project’s platform so anyone can bring this superior bridging solution to their community.

Find out what differentiates Umbria’s Narni bridge from other bridging solutions.

We’ve already partnered with a wide range of DeFi, Gaming and NFT projects, who’ve integrated the widget, and helped them onboard many more users by making it easier and cheaper to interact with their platform.

Here are the four key advantages to integrating Umbria’s bridge widget

  1. Your community can bridge much more cheaply meaning the barrier to entry is lower
  2. Your community can bridge much more quickly so it’s a vastly improved user experience
  3. We offer free marketing for partner projects and human support for all users of the bridge if they need assistance
  4. 🔥 Your project can earn significant revenue by integrating the bridge widget (0.1% of all volume) 🔥

The Referrer Program — a major additional revenue stream for our partners

Three of the benefits above are well documented but the fourth is new and it’s HUGE…. We’ve launched the Umbria Referrer Program, which offers a massive extra incentive for employing the Narni bridge.

Partners earn 0.1% of all volume that goes through their bridge widget. Aimed at the medium-to-large players in this space — the SushiSwaps, QuickSwaps, OpenSeas et al — it promises to be a very significant additional revenue stream.

Integrating the widget and earning fees

If you simply want to integrate the widget to provide your community with a cheap and fast bridging experience all you have to do is imbed the following iframe as a web page on your main website:

<iframe src="" width="960" height="600" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If you want to take advantage of the 0.1% referrer fee, just complete this form: We’ll then create your unique referral link, which will be included in the iframe. You’ll be able to view this on your referrer dashboard — (an example is shown below).

Add this iframe to your web page and then you’re all set and will earn money every time someone uses your bridge widget. You’ll be able to watch your earnings grow on the referrer dashboard and view a detailed breakdown and even be able to see individual bridge transactions. To compound the benefit, the revenue is automatically added to the staking balances of the associated wallet address on the pool page.

“This is going to be a fantastic way for Umbria to expand its reach to some of bigger projects in the Layer two space that are being bogged down by the really expensive and slow traditional native asset bridges. Not only will Narni solve this issue it will also provide them with a completely new revenue stream,” Oscar Chambers

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Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest, cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum ↔️Polygon/AVAX/BSC. Migrate assets almost instantly for the LOWEST fees