Cheapest, Fastest Bridge Between BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Mainnet

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3 min readMar 13, 2023


Umbria’s Narni bridge is the cheapest and quickest cross-chain bridge for sending ETH and USDT between the Ethereum mainnet and BNB Smart Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain). Narni uses a unique liquidity-provision protocol, which makes it faster and cheaper — and generally less cumbersome — than validator-driven bridges.

How to bridge ETH and USDT from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain (BSC) using Umbria

You can bridge your ETH and USDT from the Ethereum Mainnet network to the BNB Smart Chain network using Umbria’s Narni bridge cheaply and quickly.

Step 1

If you want to bridge ETH from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain go to:

If you want to bridge USDT from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain go to:

Step 2 (if you are using Metamask)

Make sure your Metamask is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet Network. You can check that you are connected by looking at the network indicator at the top of the screen. If it says Ethereum Mainnet then you’re good to go and can move on to Step 3.

However if it’s configured to connect to another network (in the example below it’s configured for Polygon), the Switch to the Correct Network button will be displayed. Click it to connect to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Step 3

Make sure the network selections are from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain as below.

Then choose the asset you want to bridge from the dropdown.

Step 4

Specify the amount of ETH or USDT you want to bridge to the BNB Smart Chain in the input box as shown below for both assets. If the amount is too low or too high a warning message will appear.

Bridging ETH from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain
Bridging USDT from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain

Step 5

If you are using Metamask, click the Send (Metamask) button. If you’re not using Metamask go to the other Step 5 below.

Then click the SEND button and confirm the transaction in your Metamask.

The transaction is complete when you see two pink ticks.

Step 5 (if you are using a different wallet)

Press the Get Bridge Address button to get the bridge address.

Then copy the bridge address and send your ETH to it. Make sure you send the same amount you entered in the amount box in Step 4 to ensure that the bridge can support that transaction.

And that’s all there is to it. If you have any questions about bridging using Umbria’s Narni bridge, please head to our customer support on Discord.



Umbria Network

Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest, cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum ↔️Polygon/AVAX/BSC. Migrate assets almost instantly for the LOWEST fees