Cheap, Fast and Easy Bridging of ETH on Umbria Network

Cheap, fast and easy bridging of ETH using Umbria’s Narni Bridge

How Do I Bridge ETH from Ethereum to Polygon (MATIC) cheaply?

The world’s second-largest digital currency by market cap (ETH) can typically be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon blockchain in less than four minutes, and often at a cost of just $4-$9 using Umbria’s Narni Bridge. This is a fraction of the gas price of other solutions and has led to Narni being adopted by many in the NFT community who had previously been experiencing exorbitant fees.

How to get APY on ETH

Another huge advantage of the Narni Bridge is the APY it pays liquidity providers (LPs) on a range of assets.

The NFT use case

As a result of the integration of Polygon on the OpenSea platform there’s been an explosion in the number of NFT projects being built on Polygon. This means there’s a massive demand for bridging ETH to the Polygon Network (that is exchanging ETH for WETH) in this space alone.

How does the Narni Bridge work?

Narni is a new style of cross-chain bridge that removes a lot of the encumbrances of the validator-driven model. It is called a liquidity bridge and its basic principle is to replace the on-chain validation protocol — used with many other bridges — with a liquidity pool protocol. For example, when migrating Ether between the Ethereum and Polygon Networks, there’s a liquidity pool on each side. A user sends their funds into the liquidity pool on the starting network and the bridge sends their funds back to them from the liquidity pool on the destination network. A small fee is paid by the user migrating their assets, of which a percentage is given to liquidity providers of the bridge on the destination network.



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Umbria Network

Umbria Network

Umbria’s Narni Bridge is the fastest, cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum ↔️Polygon/AVAX/BSC. Migrate assets almost instantly for the LOWEST fees