Announcing the Umbria Zed Run Competition Winners

All good things come to an end and the two Zed Run competitions are now closed. The good news is we can now announce the winners πŸ“’

Competition #1

#RunningWithUmbria β€” Win a Zed Run foal

We had a deluge of entrants, but for this competition there can only be ONE winner. The person who has been selected at random to win the unnamed Zed Run foal is πŸ₯β€¦

@DorkLovesSport β€” congratulations!

Competition #2

#WinningWithUmbria β€” Name the foal competition to win 0.03 WETH

Here’s a bit more about the runners and the riders who have been successful and get to claim the WETH prize. In no particular order…

King of Umbria


Juvenal of Narni was the first Bishop of Narni in Umbria in case you were wondering. Every day is a learning day :-)

Umbria Burger

Narnia Business

For all our classical language lovers out there, Narnia is the Latin for Narni, and for everyone else, it’s narni-a business :-)


Our only acrostically-themed horse…

Umbria is Best

Fast As Umbria

Congratulations to all the winners. To claim your prizes, please DM us on the Umbria Network Twitter account β€” from the account with which you entered the competition and we’ll provide further instructions.


Umbria is a decentralised protocol (Defi) which enables the creation of tokenised money markets. These money markets will enable users to accrue interest.