Umbria has made connecting MetaMask to any EVM-compatible chain easy with its Connect Portal.

Adding custom networks such as Binance and Polygon to MetaMask

Anyone that has tried to add a custom network to their MetaMask— that is an EVM-compatible network like Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, TomoChain, Telos, Fantom, to name a few — will know that it’s a…

Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency for the Ethereum Network, can be transferred exceptionally quickly and cheaply cross-chain using Umbria’s Narni Bridge. The following article explains how.

Cheap, fast and easy bridging of ETH using Umbria’s Narni Bridge

The world’s second-largest digital currency by market cap (ETH) can typically be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon blockchain in less than…

As well as a lot of dev work this month for implementing Binance Smart Chain on the Narni bridge, we’ve been focusing on partnering and working with different projects to introduce their communities to Umbria Network and the world of fast and cheap bridging 🎉

Aavegotchi frens

Umbria’s Narni Bridge uses a novel liquidity-provision protocol to speed up and lower the cost of cross-chain bridging

Ethrereum blockchain, Polygon Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot… there are literally thousands of blockchain networks in operation right now. Whilst this sounds great as they all have their own unique offers, the problem is that they’ve been existing in isolation with a complete lack of interoperability.

Step forward the bridge.

Umbria Network

Umbria is a decentralised protocol (Defi) which enables the creation of tokenised money markets. These money markets will enable users to accrue interest.

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