3 Lesser-Known Cryptos With 10X Potential by 2025

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As a little experiment, we asked ChatGPT to write 600 words on three lesser-known cryptos, which had 10X Potential by 2025. This is the warts-and-all version of what it came up with (we added the charts).

ChatGPT still references Elrond, which rebranded to MultiversX in November 2022. Are its suggestions and rationale similarly obsolete?

Here goes…

Three lesser-known cryptos with 10X Potential by 2025?

The cryptocurrency market is teeming with opportunities beyond the well-known giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As investors seek to diversify their portfolios, lesser-known cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals and innovative use cases are gaining attention. Here are three such cryptocurrencies with the potential to deliver 10X returns by 2025.

1. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand price chart from CoinMarketCap
Algorand price chart from CoinMarketCap

Algorand is a blockchain platform that aims to create a borderless economy using its decentralized, scalable, and secure infrastructure. Founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand addresses the “blockchain trilemma” by providing a solution that ensures security, scalability, and decentralization.

Key Features and Potential:

  • Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS): Algorand uses a Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which ensures that the network is both secure and energy-efficient. Unlike Proof-of-Work, PPoS requires significantly less computational power, making it environmentally friendly.
  • High Throughput and Low Latency: Algorand’s blockchain can handle thousands of transactions per second with a latency of less than five seconds. This high throughput makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from financial services to gaming.
  • Strong Partnerships: Algorand has formed strategic partnerships with various organizations, including central banks and financial institutions, to drive the adoption of its blockchain technology. For example, the Marshall Islands chose Algorand to develop its national digital currency.
  • Developer-Friendly: Algorand offers comprehensive tools and resources for developers, encouraging innovation and the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform.

Given its robust technology and strategic partnerships, Algorand is well-positioned to see significant growth. As more projects and institutions adopt its blockchain, the demand for ALGO tokens is likely to increase, potentially leading to substantial price appreciation.

2. Elrond (EGLD)

MultiversX price chart from CoinMarketCap
MultiversX price chart from CoinMarketCap

Elrond (NB now MultiversX) is a high-performance blockchain platform designed for speed, security, and scalability. It introduces several novel features that set it apart from other blockchain networks, aiming to become the backbone of a decentralized internet economy.

Key Features and Potential:

  • Adaptive State Sharding: Elrond utilizes a unique Adaptive State Sharding mechanism that splits the network into smaller pieces, or shards, to process transactions and smart contracts in parallel. This significantly increases throughput, enabling the network to handle up to 15,000 transactions per second.
  • Secure Proof-of-Stake (SPoS): Elrond’s consensus mechanism, Secure Proof-of-Stake, combines Proof-of-Stake with random validator selection, ensuring both security and efficiency.
  • Myar Exchange and Maiar Wallet: Elrond’s ecosystem includes the Maiar Exchange, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and the Maiar Wallet, a user-friendly mobile wallet. These products aim to provide seamless access to DeFi services and digital asset management.
  • Interoperability and DeFi Integration: Elrond focuses on interoperability, allowing seamless integration with other blockchains and DeFi protocols. This positions Elrond as a versatile platform for various decentralized applications.

With its cutting-edge technology and focus on usability and interoperability, Elrond has the potential to capture a significant share of the blockchain market. As more users and developers adopt the platform, the value of EGLD tokens could see exponential growth.

3. Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa price chart from CoinMarketCap
Zilliqa price chart from CoinMarketCap

Zilliqa is a blockchain platform known for its pioneering work in implementing sharding technology to achieve high scalability. It aims to provide a secure and efficient platform for decentralized applications and enterprise solutions.

Key Features and Potential:

  • Sharding Technology: Zilliqa was the first blockchain to implement sharding, a technology that divides the network into smaller shards, each capable of processing transactions independently. This allows Zilliqa to achieve high throughput, processing thousands of transactions per second.
  • Scilla Smart Contract Language: Zilliqa introduces Scilla, a smart contract language designed for safety and efficiency. Scilla aims to address common security issues in smart contracts, making it an attractive choice for developers.
  • Strong Use Cases and Partnerships: Zilliqa has formed partnerships with various enterprises and organizations to drive real-world adoption. Its blockchain is used in industries such as digital advertising, financial services, and gaming.
  • Eco-Friendly Consensus: Zilliqa uses a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines Proof-of-Work for initial shard assignment with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) for consensus within shards. This approach balances security and energy efficiency.

With its focus on scalability and security, Zilliqa is well-positioned to support a wide range of applications. As the demand for scalable blockchain solutions grows, ZIL tokens could experience significant appreciation.


Algorand, Elrond, and Zilliqa represent promising opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. Each offers unique technological advancements and strong fundamentals that could drive substantial growth. As the blockchain ecosystem evolves, these lesser-known cryptocurrencies have the potential to deliver 10X returns by 2025, making them worthy of consideration for forward-thinking investors.


The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or other professional advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk and volatility, including the potential loss of your entire investment. The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in a short period due to various factors such as market demand, regulatory changes, and technological advancements.

Readers should conduct their own research and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The author and publisher of this article are not responsible for any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of investing in the cryptocurrencies mentioned.

Additionally, the mention of specific cryptocurrencies (Algorand, Elrond/MultiversX and Zilliqa) should not be interpreted as an endorsement or recommendation. This article does not guarantee any future performance or potential returns of the cryptocurrencies discussed.



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